All About the Canadian L1 Visa

There are a good deal of visas out there for those interested in Canadian to American immigration. Whether you are trying to get to the United States for personal reasons or for professional reasons, it is possible to obtain a visa to legally live and work in the United States of America as a Canadian citizen. However, the information might not be as cut-and-dry as many folks would like.

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Luckily, it isn’t that hard to understand with some research on the topic. One visa that many Canadians take advantage of here is the L1 visa, which has its own set of rules on how it is used and for whom.

Who is eligible for an L1 visa?

The L1 visa is reserved for those Canadians who have, either as a business owner or an employee, worked with a subsidiary, affiliate, or other kind of office for a United States company outside of the United States for at least a year out of a three year range.

Can L1 visa holders apply for a US green card?

Yes. While the L1 visa is a dual purpose and temporary nonimmigrant visa, those holding it can apply for a green card, and many of them eventually do. It is actually relatively simple for holders of this visa to go from an L1 visa to a green card, so look into the particulars if you currently hold an L1 visa and would like to see what you can do about upgrading to a green card.

 Can I bring my family with me on an L1 visa?

Yes, L1 visa holders can bring their spouse and kids along with them to the US. If the family members quality for employment authorization in the US, they will also be able to work in the country.

Still have questions about the L1 visa? If so, get in touch with l1 visa in Vancouver, BC professional attorneys who can help walk you through any information you would like to know, and if you would like, help you get started on the track to apply for a visa of your own.