Keeping Your Natural Teeth, Top Ticks

There is nothing better than having your mouth filled with natural teeth.  Our natural teeth are more comfortable, will work as needed and don’t cost you a lot of money.  However, there will be times that you may need to get partial dentures in Bullhead City or even a full set.  This can be expensive and painful.  So, here are some tips to keeping your natural teeth as long as you possibly can.

partial dentures in Bullhead City


I am sure that you have heard this over and over again but it is true.  If you brush your teeth on a daily basis then you will help prevent oral issues.  When we brush we are removing plaque and tartar from our teeth.  This plaque and tartar are the primary components that will start to degrade and affect our teeth.


Flossing is the next step in the process.  When we floss our teeth we are removing food particles from between our teeth that our brushes can’t reach.  It is vital that we floss wither with a piece of floss or with a water pick. 


Mouthwash is the final component in taking care of our teeth.  Mouthwash will go into our mouth killing germs and getting everywhere in our mouth.  When using mouthwash, you want to use it after you have brushed and flossed.  Mouthwash will also help with improving your breath.

Get regular checkups

You will want to get regular checkups from your dentist.  When your dentist can look at your teeth and determine their overall health, they can work with you on a program to reverse any damage that may have occurred or prepare you for any surgical procedures such as getting dentures to help you live and function correctly.

When you take these vital steps towards your oral health you can start to live a pain free life.